Mocha Persistence Framework
The persistence layer of any application usually involves a high load of code to access databases, file systems, and so on. By using an ORB system, a lot of that code can be automated, but the usage of it is usually difficult, as many description files have to be generated. In order to maintain the persistence layer simple for other teams, we decided to provide tools to be used during development time to accelerate the generation of code and the description files.

How it works
The base of our system is an XML file that will be created for each subproject that needs to persist data. This file will, in a simple format, describe all the information that goes to the database. A better description of the file can be found below. The user should then process the XML files with our system. All the necessary descriptors for our ORB and for the database, as well as the Java bean classes to be used will be created. These Java beans can then be moved to the correct package, and the application can be built and run. Ant tasks will ensure that the transformations can be done easily from inside Eclipse or from the prompt command.

  • Persistence Subsystem
    • Support for 1-1, 1-N, N-N and inheritance on the xml file
    • RMI implementation with persistence running on a centralserver
  • File Persistence

Documentation on the Persistence framework can be found in the documentation section.

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