Macchiato User Inteface Framework
Modeled after the Struts framework, the UI framework uses similar internal components to provide the users with the cross-platform, cross-client Macchiato UI Framework. Our goal was to provide a way for developers to write a single set of "actions", and one user interface definition, and have it supported on any client and platform.

How it works
Every application consists of a set of Actions, Form-Beans and Screens. Actions and Form-Beans serve the same exact prupose as in the Struts model, and are implemented in a very similar way. User interfaces are defined in XML. For the Swing client, we use a powerful renderer SwiXML to convert the XML definitions into Swing objects at run-time.

  • Cross client/platfrom 'Command' Framework based on the Apache Struts Project which will includes the following:
    • Abstract UI Layer which will support multiple clients and platforms
    • Template Based Screen Engine
    • Validation API
    • Visualization API
    • Internationalization Support
    • Mocha CSS (cross-platform implementation of CSS)

Documentation on the UI framework can be found in the documentation section.

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