The Mocha Studio Café software system is the culmination of the efforts of 20 software engineering students over the course of six months. It is a state-of-the-art collaboration environment comprised of a central server and several client applications installed on user workstations, which enables geographically distributed project teams to work toward meeting a common project definition. Although it was initially designed to facilitate collaboration among software engineers and software project managers, it may be used for projects in a several other industries.

Application Features
System Features
- Distributed Client Support Using Centralized Database
- Desktop Client & Web Client
- Customizable Role-Based Access Control
- Support For English, Spanish, & Japanese

Project Management
- Create and manage projects
- Create project tasks with dependencies
- Associate artifacts (files) to projects and tasks
- Notification support for project/task related events
- Communication to other team members on certain events
- Generate Gantt Charts

Artifact Management
- Abilitity to relate artifacts to project information and other artifacts
- Search capabilitiy to easily locate artififacts and related information
- Full indexing for certain artifacts making their contents searchable
- Versioning of file based artifacts for archival and audit history

- Displays Summary of Tasks, Messages, and Other Information
- Integrated With Calendar App

Instant Messaging
- One on One Chat
- One on One Audio Chat
- One on One Video Chat
- Group Chat
- Roster grouping by project

Notification Engine
- Notifications by IM
- Notifications by email
- Notification by text
- Process to Process Notifications

- Supports Multiple Users
- Support for multiple shapes and colors

- Schedule Unlimited Events
- Schedule Recurring Events
- Associate Events With Different Event Types & Colors
- Integrated With Other Applications In The Studio

Discussion Forums
- Create Unlimited Forums (private & public)
- Create Unlimited Topics & Messages

Issue Tracking
- Create And Track Issues As They Progress
- Add Actions To An Issue To Define Its State
- Route Issues To Other Users
- Search For Issues

Coming soon...

Persistence Framework
Macchiato UI Framework

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