Mocha Studio Café is a project created in DePaul University's SE491/591 Software Engineering Studio Class (Fall/Winter 2004/2005). Led by Professor Xiaoping Jia, the aim of this class is for Graduate students to participate in a fairly large scale software project to gain exposure and experience in all areas of software development.

Our team consisted of 20 Software Engineering Students with all levels of experience and varying backgrounds. It is quite amazing that we were not only able to release a running product, but that we were able to create some incredible components in our studio. View the features page for more information on the details of the Studio.

After 20 weeks of dedication and intensity, we are proud to release the first version to the open source community and the world. As we have learned much from the open source community, we hope that in some way we can inspire others to continue to develop open source software. And our hope is that others will continue to work on the Studio to add features we were not able to implement in our short period of time.

Mocha Studio Cafe is released under the BSD license. To see a list of 3rd party tools we used in the development of this system, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about this class, and DePaul University CTI, please visit:

Eduardo Scoz
Muhammad Bilal Amin
Kuo Heng-Ming
Aamir Majeed
Indira Rampersad

User Interface
Toby Kavukattu
Aly Boghani
Wit Chitrapongse
Selvia Christina
Sae Janado

Artifact & Resource

Carlos Randolph
Peter Chan
Tomasz Jastrzebski
Vladimir Kleper
Chris Slomka

Marcus Ferron
Matt Burkmier
Riz Chaudry
Rick Strahl
Maulik Thakkar

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